5. One example of a sandwich architecture lecture of the Sarajevo Medical Faculty

Introductory lecture in pharmacology and toxicology was formulated as a learning session based on sandwich principle. Topics and a general overview of the subject´s content were presenteted during the begining phase

After that, the students were given the chance for an early discussion in order to motivate them to active participation. Their task was to express their opinion about the essential pharmacological knowledge and skills for general practicioner. This was the first individual learning phase. Following the paired disscusions few answers were collected and presented on the blackboard for brief disscusion. The Collective learning phase consisted of the 20 minutes long lecture. The next junction to an individual learning phase was done in two ways: The first task was to read three different types of texts that were presenting information about the same drug (pharmacopea, scientific article and text book), and the second task was to discuss in pairs the differences of text types. After individual work (reading and discussion) the quiz was done, when students had to express their opinion regarding the best type of text for presenting facts about the therapy, characterisation of the drug substance and useful information for drug prescribing. Again, a collective learning phase (lecture) took place. In the next junction B, the given task was to recall on information that are parts of drug declaration. After the student`s work was finished the correct result was given to them in a function of feedback infomation. Following junction C the finishing phase was entered.
The transfer of knowledge was promoted by a graphical overview after referring to the content of the lecture the reflection of the lesson and the feedback. The class was finished with an outlook on the next session.

Example of a sandwich architecture lecture of the Sarajevo Medical Faculty (sandwich SA example)