4. Application in the medical teaching and curriculum

The sandwich principle is an effective way to improve the quality of teaching in medicine. Since traditional lecturing still makes an important part of teaching in many schools of medicine, introducing sandwich principle in classes could refresh and enliven notoriously boring “ex-cathedra” discourses. It is a very low cost and easy method, which does not require any additional equipment. It depends solely on the good will of teacher, who should get acquainted with the basics of sandwich principle and creatively implement it in his/her teaching.

There were some attempts to implement sandwich principle in the structure of higher education programs, especially in technical sciences. After attending standard academic year, a period of placement within industry followed. In comparison with classic education, this type of education increased working abilities and did not have impact on students’ academic performance. Similar approach could be applied in medical curriculum, for example by introducing summer practices in hospitals or other health institutions between each school year or semester.