Principles, Methods and Techniques of Visualization

  1. Visualization is a technique for creating images, diagrams or animations to communicate any messages. The basic principles of Visualization are mental images.
  2. You can take up information in different ways: you can see, hear and feel them.
  3. You have to follow 3 criteria when you design a recitation. The recitation should
    1. have a clear concept and be understandable
    2. be stimulating
    3. be visualised.
  4. Modules and tools for visualisation are:
    1. Words, Graphs and Symbols
    2. Overhead Projector
    3. Pinboard
    4. Flip chart
    5. Black Board
    6. Slide Projector
    7. Computer, Video and Beamer
  5. You can also choose between different methods of visualization. For example:
  6. Standards for the realisation:
    1. KISS – Keep it simple and small (or structured)! – Do it simple, but not too! (based on Albert Einstein)
    2. words, graphs and symbols must be readable, simple, structured and short.
  • Allow short questions at any moment. Answer the questions as briefly as possible.